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Store Check

Quality assurance of your concept and your campaigns.

Store Check points out whether the improvements suggested by the previous report were implemented and detects the possible problems. Thanks to the clear report structure you will get the information about what has been done and what needs to be taken care of on different levels.

This is how Store Check works



Your company is unique and we measure your critical business areas. During our first joint workshop we define questions to be asked, set goals and explain how the results should be handled and communicated to the staff.



We develop project documents, set up a team of observers based on the desired target group and provide them with training manuals.



The results are uploaded to our web-based reporting tool within 24 hours after carrying out the observation. After each “round” we also present you a report including analysis and trends.

The clear report structure helps to identify possible problems, activities that have been performed and the areas that require improvement.

This is what we can measure

  • Are the campaign activities carried out
  • Is the concept being followed
  • Are the changes being implemented
  • Are the products displayed according to the plan
  • Are the store environments arranged according to the plan
  • Is the shop window arranged in line with the plan
  • Are there enough goods in the store and in the stockroom
  • What are the numbers of in-store and passing-by customers

Benefits and effects of Store Check

  • Ensures that everyone is performing their duties efficiently
  • Guarantees quality assurance
  • Maximizes the effect of the implemented changes
  • Ensures the development of each individual store, which improves the quality and profitability of the whole chain

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