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Mystery Web

Gives you the answer on how the customer experience is working on your website.

Mystery Web is a survey-based method that gives you the knowledge about what really happens in the moment of truth – when a customer visits your website, orders products/services or makes an enquiry to your customer service by e-mail or by chat.

This is how Mystery Web works



We start with a workshop where we identify the critical business areas of your company, set goals, define questions to be asked and explain how the results should be handled and communicated to the staff.



We develop project documents, set up a team of observers based on the desired target group and provide them with training manuals.



The results of each performed observation are presented in our web-based reporting tool within 24 hours, along with a report, analysis and trend indications.

The results of the observation provide you with the knowledge about the areas of customer interaction you are good at and those which require further improvement. Mystery Web also gives your company a basis for quality assurance and development of your website.

This is what we can measure

  • Does your website offer a user-friendly way to find the requested information, order products/services and make enquiries to customer service
  • Are the replies sent out in due time
  • Are the customers treated properly while interacting by e-mail or chat, do they get the desired information
  • Does the staff identify customer needs and use this information in the communication
  • Does the staff have good knowledge of products/services
  • Are add-on products/services offered
  • Is the online payment process perceived as safe
  • Are the orders delivered on time

Benefits and impact of Mystery Web

  • An improved customer experience on your website means more satisfied customers and can lead to sales increase
  • Knowledge about strong/weak points of your customer experience on the website
  • You can effectively follow up the development of customer experience
  • You will get a decision-making basis for staff training
  • The entire organization can work with the results at different levels

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