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Mystery Shopping

Gives you the answer on how the customer experience is working in your stores.

Mystery Shopping is a survey-based method that gives you the knowledge about what really happens in the moment of truth – when the sales person interacts with your customers. Thanks to the Mystery Shopping measurements, you will get the basis you need for making the improvements leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

We measure

With the help of our observers (Mystery Shoppers), we measure the customer experience. Basically, we can measure anything that a regular customer can see and experience in a department/store. We examine the customer experience and provide answers on how it really works. In our database we have thousands of observers, who are ordinary customers, so that we are able to tailor the Mystery Shopping surveys to your wishes and criteria.

We analyse

Daymaker aims to be the best advisor regarding customer experience in order to help our clients to achieve better business results. It means that we pay great attention to understanding the outcome of the Mystery Shopping report in order to be able to create insight into the organisation.

We improve

Companies working with Mystery Shopping in almost all cases ask themselves what they should do to improve the result based on what they have learned from the measurements. Daymaker works as an advisor and, at the same time, helps to implement the changes in the organization.

What does it mean for an individual store and the whole chain if 50% of sales person do not greet the customers?

- Robert Eriksson, Founder Daymaker

This is how Mystery Shopping works



We start with a workshop where we identify the critical business areas of your company, set goals, define questions to be asked and explain how the results should be handled and communicated to the staff.



We develop project documents, manuals and set up a team of shoppers for the Mystery Shopping survey.



Within 24 hours the results are available in our web-based reporting tool along with a report including analysis and trend indicators.

Benefits and impact of Mystery Shopping

  • Customers are buying more (increased average purchase amount)
  • More buying customers (increased conversion rate)
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Happier employees
  • Exchange of experience between stores
  • Focus on the most critical business areas
  • Training and information tailored to the stores’ needs
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