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Customer flow analysis

Shows the customer’s traffic patterns and behaviour in the store.

Using Customer flow analysis as a measurement method helps to map traffic patterns of your customers in the store. You can see how the customer moves, where does he stop and what happens then. You can also see where your hot and cold visual areas are located, how long does the customer stay in the store and what characteristics does he have.

This is how Customer flow analysis works



Using an electronic pen with a built-in camera, we are able to register customer’s traffic patterns in the store.



Daymaker’s Mystery Shopper marks customer’s traffic patterns on a special Customer flow analysis map and describes his or her activities in different areas of the store.



The map is sent to a mobile phone, which uses an application to show the customer’s movements in real time. By tracking the customer flow, you can quickly see whether, e.g., a campaign is receiving the response you expected.

The result gives you a basis for optimizing the store layout and product display along the customer’s traffic patterns. The results can also be cross-checked, so that you can see, for example, whether men and women are moving in the same directions in the store, whether younger people are buying more than older, whether women are taking a shopping cart or men are using a shopping list.

The more time a customer spends in a store, the more he or she will buy. How can you get the customer to stay longer in your store?

- Robert Eriksson, Founder Daymaker

This is what we can measure

  • Customer traffic patterns in the store
  • Whether and where the customer stops in the store
  • What does the customer do when he stops
  • How much time does the customer spend in the store
  • Hot and cold areas of the store
  • Characteristics of the customer

Benefits and impact of Customer flow analysis

  • You see how your customers are moving in the store
  • You see what your customers are doing in the store
  • You see who your customers are
  • You see how long your customers are staying in the store
  • You see whether your campaigns are effective
  • You get the basis for optimizing the store layout and product display

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