What does a Mystery Shopper do?

He or she makes anonymous customer visits in order to observe how the customer experience works.

Mystery Shopping is a survey method we use to provide our clients with information about what is really happening in the customer experience. With the help of our Mystery Shoppers, who are regular customers, we can measure customer experience. The results of the measurements provide the basis for implementing the improvements leading to higher customer satisfaction and sales increase.

How is it like to work as a Mystery Shopper?



To be able to work as a Mystery Shopper, you need to have access to a computer and a mobile phone with a camera. Once you are registered and we receive an assignment that suits your profile, we will send you an inquiry by email or SMS. All assignments are voluntary. You are the one to choose which ones you want to apply for.



Once you have submitted your application and been approved for a specific assignment, you will receive a training manual and instructions that you should read carefully. Then it’s time for the best part – to carry out the assignment.



After completing the observation, you upload your answers and any supporting documents required for the assignment (receipt, photo, etc.) to our online system for Mystery Shoppers. Your remuneration for the assignment will be paid the following month.

You get paid for shopping – perfect!

- Mystery Shopper

Examples of survey methods where you can perform your assignment as a Mystery Shopper

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Mystery Calling
  • Mystery Web
  • Store Check
  • Customer flow analysis
  • Entry and exit interviews

Benefits and impact of the observation

As a Mystery Shopper you perform important work for our clients. Your assignments will help them to gain:

  • Increased knowledge of customer experience throughout the different channels
  • Basis for improvements
  • Better-skilled and more motivated staff
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved sales results

Working as a Mystery Shopper

Are you thorough, observant and enjoy working independently? Then you are welcome to join us!

Daymaker is an expert in customer experience. We help companies and organizations to measure, analyse and change in order to improve their customer experience across different channels. Being a Mystery Shopper is an interesting and flexible extra job. Our assignments are of various nature and can involve anything from trying on a pair of jeans, test driving a car, eating dinner in a restaurant, to calling customer service or ordering something in an online store. In order to fulfil the assignment you’ll need a computer and a mobile phone with a camera. (For some assignments a driving license is required, as well as access to a car.)

I want to be a Mystery Shopper

En kvinna och en man tittar på skor tillsammans i en skobutik.

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