Home improvement retail is a conservative industry where the employees often act as order-takers instead of being salesmen.

We have cooperated with Daymaker for over 9 years by regularly reviewing the service level in our stores with the help of Mystery Shoppers. We subsequently use the results for educational purposes and the trend is very positive. Our motto is that we are a “Real home improvement retailer” and we have to live up to that. That is why check and follow-up are so important. Daymaker’s Mystery Shopper is a very useful tool. This is how a Mystery Shopper described his visit at one of our facilities:

The employees were professional, knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing. I felt like I mattered. It was flawless, it’s just a shame that I didn’t really have the intention to buy a door, as the sales person walked an extra mile to get a satisfied customer. In my opinion, the sales person could not have done a better job. Good customer interaction, genuine smile, the employee was well-informed about everything, and did not skimp on devoting his time on the customer.

Håkan Svensson, XL Bygg

Håkan Svensson, XL-BYGG

Project Manager Marketing / Product Manager Purchasing

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