Indecap stands for independent capital and is an expert at independent fund selection. The business idea is to guide the investors towards the best fund choices and continuously adapt the investments to current market conditions.

With the help of a well-founded strategy, Indecap is constantly monitoring fund managers and their results. Indecap’s ad­vices are packed in portfolios and the assets are allocated to the under­lying fund managers. This gives the investors a possibility to have their assets, without own surve­illance, always invested by the managers who are the best within the respec­tive investment policy, according to Indecap’s analyses. The operation is supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Indecap is owned by 38 Swedish savings banks, as well as the company’s founders and employees.

We commissioned Daymaker to visit different savings banks offices. The purpose of the visits was to examine what kind of help is offered to those who book a meeting to discuss the pension funds and the “orange envelope”. We wanted to know whether the banks gave them all the necessary information, explained everything in a clear and understandable way, and made sure that the customer understood. Furthermore, we were interested in finding out what kind of documentation the customer was provided with after the visit.

We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Daymaker. It was very interesting to run this project, as probably nothing similar has ever been done in Sweden regarding financial services.

Mats Lagerqvist, Indecap


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