Global Retail Group / Slash.ten

Global Retail Group / Slash.ten is a retail agency that manages G-Star stores in Sweden and has co-operated with brands like Gant, Björn Borg, Swarovski and others. We help brands to create great customer experience in physical retail environment, mainly through fantastic service staff and concept development.

We have been working with Daymaker since 2010 and we are continuously evaluating the customer service level in our stores. The task of the shoppers is to ask ask for a product during a visit at the store and to evaluate the help they receive from the sales assistants as well as some elements of the store environment. Our goal is to be remembered for our service and the results we deliver. Mystery shopping is a great way to measure a part of this goal, and to check if we deliver great results over time. We simply want to have an objective picture of customer experience in our stores.

We are proud to have achieved high results for almost 10 years and we use these scores internally to promote the performance of our stars, but also externally towards the market.

“Mystery shopping is an important tool both externally to measure our performance and internally to learn what we are doing well and what we need to improve in our customer experience. Daymaker is a good supplier of such tools whom we have worked with for many years.”

Anton Granlund, Global Retail Group / Slash.ten

CEO & Partner

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