Company history

Understanding the power of interaction as a driving force.

The name Daymaker comes from “making someone’s day”. This is the idea underlying our business: to feel that you have made someone’s day, and the great power it brings.

I am the fourth generation of small business owners and entrepreneurs. My great-grandfather sold his farm to become a general store owner, and so has it continued through the generations. When I was only eight, I already used to help my parents to run the kiosk they had in Västergötland in Sweden.

I discovered pretty soon that I could influence the sales. If I were able to understand who the customer was, I could also offer him a product he would be interested in – and thus increase the customer’s satisfaction. With this knowledge I took the first step toward what would become Daymaker.

Profits on many levels

But my driving force has always been more than just increasing economic profit. For me it is important that people grow and that the entrepreneurship means benefit for the society. What can I do to help others to grow, to create a better everyday life or to take them one step closer to their goal?

For many years I worked at big campaigns concerning important social issues. To make the campaigns as successful as possible, different kinds of surveys were made, in order to see, for example, how certain issue was anchored in different target groups. The more I worked with the surveys, the clearer it became for me what benefit they can bring in other contexts as well.

I took these insights and knowledge with me to the meetings with retail companies having many units around Sweden and used it to answer the question “How can we find out whether our ideas are properly communicated in the stores?” Five years later Daymaker was a market leader in Sweden, and today we help around 250 companies all over Europe to get the answers they need.

Customer route is growing and changing

I have always been fascinated by the interactions between people. And our tools reflect how the customer interaction is working on various levels. What we call the customer route has become increasingly important over the years. It used to focus mainly on the route inside the store; now, it is covering more channels, like websites, e-commerce, customer service, live chat, social media, loyalty programmes and so on. Each channel has its own customer path which, at the same time, is closely related to the seller-customer interaction.

The number of places where such interactions occur is increasing. Many chains have gained a more international perspective. The importance of customer and customer interaction has been enormously strengthened. And I think this is just the beginning. Our need for human interaction is growing stronger and successful interactions are becoming crucial for the companies to survive. How should your customer interaction work, how does it look like in reality and how can it be improved? Daymaker can help you to find the answers to all these questions.

Our incentive is to create new opportunities on many levels: for a given company, its employees, customers – and the society. Today, we provide hundreds of companies all over Europe with the answers they need to achieve their goals.

Robert Eriksson, Founder of Daymaker